LASER Treatment For Anal Fissure

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A “Fissure” is a small cut or a tear. Now, an “Anal Fissure” is similarly a tear in the skin in the anal area. An Anal Fissures may affect who suffer from constipation. Anal fissure is not a life-threatening or a serious condition. Laser Sphincterotomy or LASER treatment is a treatment for Chronic Fissure. In this process, the surgeon will use a LASER to create an incision. This will help to relax the tight anal sphincter muscles thereby helping in healing of the fissure.


  • Advantages of Laser treatment for anal fissures
  • Preparations required before treatment
  • Laser treatment for anal fissures: how it is done?
  • Post surgical care
  • Risks

Advantages of Laser treatment for anal fissures over traditional surgery

Minimally Invasive
Local Anesthesia
Same-day Discharge
Post Surgical PainMinimalModerate – High
Blood LossLow ChancesHigh Chances

Preparations required: Laser treatment for anal fissures

If a Patient has to go through Laser Sphincterotomy or laser treatment for anal fissures then he/she should go through the following procedures first.

  • A rectal exam, to locate the fissure (at the time of diagnosis)
  • Patient should fast before the treatment.
  • Patient should not drink water for 6 hours prior to the surgery.
  • A bowel prep is undertaken. This is to clean the system of any excreta still present and involves giving a laxative or an enema.

On the day of the treatment: Laser treatment for anal fissures

Laser treatment for anal fissures is the most modern and by far the safest. The overview of the surgery is as follows:

  • Surgeon will insert a laser into the natural opening of the anus. Then he/she will move it to the location of the fissure.
  • Then he will create incision using laser in the anal muscles thereby loosening the sphincter muscles.
  • Additionally, the fissure scar will also heal thus curing the patient of anal fissures.
  • This type of surgery is also most effective as it reduces the chances of the fissure opening again.

Post surgical care: Laser treatment for anal fissures

To ensure safe and good recovery, Patient has to keep the following things in mind and follow them.

  • The doctor will prescribe Stool softeners. Patient has to use it as instructed by the doctor.
  • Patient will have to change the diet into a high fiber diet.
  • If the patient is an adult then he/she has to keep the anal area free. Else if the patient is an infant then the parents or caretakers should change the diapers regularly.
  • The patient can get back to normal and work activities immediately as there is no need for hospitalization.

Risks involved in Laser treatment for anal fissures

The surgery rarely turns into a complicated situation. And if it does then they might be:

  • An infection might develop. With laser surgery the chances are minimal.
  • Bleeding could occur and along with that the patient might become incapable to pass urine.
  • An anal fistula (a tunnel connecting an infected gland in the rectum to the external skin of the anus) could develop.


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