Preventing Anal Fissures

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An anal fissure can be painful and bleeding, making it difficult to carry out regular activities

A “fissure” is a tear or a cut in the lining of the skin. An “anal fissure” is nothing but a tear in the lining of the skin around the anus, which is different from Piles or Fistula. It is non life-threatening and treatable. It is quite common among adults and young children (ages 0-5). With adults, this condition is easily preventable by following basic instructions and advices.




There are multiple ways to prevent anal fissures from setting in. Reducing the consumption of processed foods and increasing the intake of fluids is one way to prevent a tear. Other methods to stop an anal fissure are:



Fiber is the body’s natural stool softener. Having a high fiber intake cures constipation or diarrhoea therefore helps pass stools regularly and easily. Fruits and vegetables such as avocados, peas, black beans, etc. drastically increases the fiber content in an individual’s body and softens the stools. Since the stools are soft and can easily pass, they do not cause a tear or a fissure in the anus.



As mentioned before, constipation and passage of hard stools are the primary reasons for forming an anal fissure. Having a regular water intake helps clean the digestive tract. Drinking around 2L of water daily helps soften the stools and cures constipation thereby preventing anal fissures from forming.


Intake of high quantity of caffeine hardens the stools and increases the chances of a tear to occur.



The physical act of passing stool plays a major role in developing or preventing an anal fissure. If excess pressure is applied while passing stools there is a very high chance of a fissure forming. A high fiber diet helps to easily pass stools without applying excess pressure.


In addition, while cleaning the anal area, an individual should be careful and wipe or wash the area gently without applying too much force



Exercise is a very general preventive measure. To prevent almost all conditions and diseases, regular exercise is recommended.


Low intensity exercises such as yoga, jogging or even pilates helps an individual to prevent the lining of the anus from tearing. Even during the recovery process from a fissure, the patient is advised to do these general exercises.


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