How to prevent Varicose Veins

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These one-way valves present in the veins prevent the blood from flowing backwards in the brief moment between heartbeats, when the blood if flowing upwards, against gravity. Failure of these valves causes the blood to flow downwards and pool in the veins of the leg, thus, swelling up and forming a condition known as varicose veins


1. EXERCISE – Varicose veins can be kept at bay by regularly exercising. Exercise helps improve the circulation of blood in the body and keeps an individual in good shape. Regular movement, especially in the legs, is needed so as to prevent the blood from pooling in the veins, hence preventing the onset of varicose veins.

2. DIET – A diet which has a high fiber content and low salt quantity, helps reduce the risk of an individual developing this condition. Switching to a diet such as this one, helps remove the waste from the blood (build up of waste can reduce circulation of blood). The low salt intake will lower the water retention in blood thus increasing flow of blood in the veins.  

3. COMPRESSION STOCKINGS – These stockings help prevent varicose veins by building up pressure in the legs by squeezing the leg. Due to the pressure, the stocking restricts the blood from pooling in the veins and thus increasing the blood circulation. In addition to this, high heels are discouraged as it adds to already existing pressure in the veins thus further aggravating the situation.


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