Can we cure piles at home in 1 day?

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Can we cure piles in 1 day?


In this modern era, when everyone gets everything instantly, it is not a surprise that people are looking for a cure for piles within one day and that too at their homes!


If you are such a person then I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that piles one-day treatment at home does not exist.

The good news is that doctors can cure piles in 1 day, not at your home but in the hospital. We will get to this later.


First, let us understand what is piles!


What is Piles?


Piles is a condition, where the veins in the anal canal become swollen.

People often use piles synonymously with anal fissure and fistula. But, anal fissure, anal fistula and piles are different.


Read this blog to know the difference between these three.

Let me tell you what piles is synonymous with, hemorrhoids, Piles and haemorrhoids are the one and the same.


What are the treatment options for piles?


Now, lets come to treatment options for piles. It largely depends on the stage of piles and your health condition. Treatment options are:

  1. Lifestyle Modifications
  2. Medical Management
  3. Minimally Invasive Treatment
  4. Surgical Management


Lifestyle modifications


It includes the consumption of large quantities of water and a high fibre diet. These ensure that the person will pass stool without straining. This may help improve the symptoms of piles.


Medical Management of Piles


Usually, doctors prescribe medicines to reduce discomfort. Sometimes, the doctor might prescribe ointment or tablets to soften the stool.

Do not buy over the counter medicines without doctor consultation, since it might have adverse effects.


Minimally Invasive Treatment and Surgical Management of Piles


Minimally Invasive Treatments are usually daycare procedures. They have minimal blood loss, no cuts and minimal recovery time.

Some of the minimally invasive procedure for piles are Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (Laser Treatment) and Sclerotherapy,

When your haemorrhoids are quite bad the doctor might opt for surgery.


So now, coming to the good news!!!

As we have discussed earlier, doctor or surgeons can cure piles in one day through Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty or Laser Treatment.


Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty


It is the latest procedure with minimal cuts and wounds. The blood loss is also minimal. More importantly, it is a one-day treatment! The miracle which you were looking for!

Not only can you get piles treated in one day, but you can also return to your regular life the next day.


Do you know what is the best thing is?

Unlike most modern treatments that are not accessible to everyone, you can get this treatment near your home. To know more about latest laser treatment for piles, click here.

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