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At a first glance varicose veins and spider veins are really not that far apart in differences. However, when understood, there are a few noticeable differences between them.



  • Spider veins hardly result in any extreme issues while with varicose veins there is always a small chance.
  • They are not confined to one place and can develop anywhere, be it on the face, chest or even leg.
  • They are usually formed by the direct build up of pressure in the superficial (close to the skin) veins which causes the blood to clot and the vein to enlarge.
  • Another major cause is due to constipation or other activities which build up pressure within the body. 
  • They chiefly cause a burning or itching sensation around the area they are located.


    Spider Veins
    Human spider veins on a woman’s leg



  • The development of varicose veins is mainly credited to hereditary and genetic issues, where the one-way valves are damaged or malfunction.
  • They are only formed on the legs and are discoloured.
  • They are caused because of the blood pooling up in the legs.
  • Symptoms such as throbbing or aching or pain in the legs are common. These symptoms aggravate after sitting or standing long periods.
  • Even though varicose veins themselves do not pose any serious threat, it is the gateway for much more serious conditions such as “Deep Vein Thrombosis” to form if left untreated.


    Varicose Veins


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